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Gartland Foundry produces a wide variety of Gray and Ductile Iron products for our customers.

Casting and Metal Capabilities

Casting Weights

Gray Iron: 0.5# to 75#
Ductile Iron: 0.5# to 60#

Maximum Flask Dimensions (Imposes Limitation on Casting Dimensions)

Sinto Automated Molding: 20” x 24” x 8”over 8”

Gray Iron Grades

Class 20, 25, 30, 35, 40

Ductile Iron Grades

65-45-12, 60-40-15, 60-40-18, 60-45-15, 80-55-06, 80-60-03, 100-70-03


  1. Two 4 metric ton coreless induction furnaces, rated at 7 tons per hour

  2. Baldor Electric Generator for electrical power backup to furnace water pumps coolers, hydraulics

Molding and Auxiliary Equipment

  1. Two 20" x 24" Sinto molding machines with mold handling units for 1 hour cooling requirements

  2. Beardsley Piper 100B Speedmullor

  3. Two 50-ton storage bins for bond and raw sand additions

  4. Auto feed sand conveyors to molding centers

  5. Ability to adapt Hunter 10 and Hunter 20 plates to our molding machines

  6. Casting Weights: Gray Iron: 0.5# to 75#, Ductile Iron: 0.5# to 60#

Core Room

  1. Two Gaylord 19VSTB coldbox machines-core box sizes to 19"x16"

  2. OMCO - MS-1 Super Bowl Mixer with capacity up to 3 tons sand per hour

  3. One Redford CB22 cold box machine-corebox size up to 22" x 22"

  4. Two Redford shell machines-corebox size up to 14" x 14" or 16" x 16"

  5. One double-end Harrison shell machine-corebox size up to 18" x 18"

  6. Oil sand core blowers and ovens

Cleaning Room

  1. Two Roberts Sinto Barinder 400 Series Automatic Grinding Systems

  2. Didion Rotary Shakeout Drum MD-100/80 MK5 Series V

  3. MD-28 cu.ft. Tumblast Shot Blast Machine

  4. Four variable-speed snag grinders

  5. One Ransburg electro-static point spray booth

  6. One Wheelabrator spinner hanger cabinet blast

  7. One 6-cu.ft. Casting Tumbler

Heat Treating

  1. All heat treatment is performed by approved commercial facilities

Finishing and Machining

  1. All machining is performed to customer specifications by approved commercial facilities

  2. Customer specified coatings are applied using Ransburg electrostatic painting equipment

Laboratory Testing

  1. We use microscopic inspections, gas discharge spectroscopy chemical analysis, Brinell hardness, Tensile testing, x-ray, sand testing, liquid dye penetrant, ultrasonic and other techniques to ensure customers receive quality products.        

  2. Chemical Analysis

  3. Multi-stationed Thermal Analysis equipment for precise control of base Iron chemistries

  4. Spectrometer capable of analyzing all forms of ductile iron, gray iron, steel, and other raw materials

  5. Metallurgical

  6. Fully equipped metallurgical laboratory

  7. Sand Laboratories

  8. Sand System with Automatic Moisture/Bond Determinator Control System

  9. Complete green sand property testing equipment

Engineering and Technology

  1. CAD drawings may be provided by customer using Solidworks, eDrawings, JEDMICS and transmitted via the internet for prompt analysis

  2. Bar coding capabilities provided as a customer service and for internal inventory and shipping control

Inspection and Testing Equipment

  1. Brinell Hardness testing with high resolution automated hardness measurement

  2. Tensile testing of gray and ductile iron samples

  3. Ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment

  4. Layout

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